Hallelujah! Thank you Appgyver!

At 4 AM this morning my First iOS App ever went Live on the Apple App Store! :joy: I already had it published for Android on Google Play, but this journey to get through the iOS Upload problem nearly discouraged me to the point that i was nearly ready to throw in the towel of ever getting an iOS version of this app published.

Much thanks to Harri and the AppGyver team for sticking with me to resolve through these issues when it seemed for a while that I was the only one.

Also, on an another high note Ive been contacted by Esmee Xavier to do an interview for the User Success Stories blog! Woohoo! :smile:


Congrats @JOHN_WORSHAM that’s super exciting! Hoping to join you in the published app club very soon :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s a badge the AppGyver team should create :thinking:

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Thanks for the feedback! :upside_down_face: The published app club badge is a great idea, should definitely add that!


can u share the google play store link

Lighthouse Connect

Did you happen to have any tutorials you followed to get it going? I am so confused and like you, ready to give up on the IOS side… which sadly, my client want’s the IOS the most.

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