Happy holidays from the team + some presents from SAP Build Apps 🎁

Season’s greetings to our lovely no-coders! :christmas_tree:

While wrapping up 2022 we wanted to say THANK YOU all for sharing this journey with us. This year as you know, we launched the next generation of AppGyver’s visual development platform for enterprise: SAP Build Apps, as part of the new SAP Build brand. Chief Technology Officer Juergen Mueller made the official announcement at TechEd, along with showcases for our new backend solution, visual cloud functions. You can see a full recap of the launch here.

As many in our team are already taking some well-deserved holiday breaks, we’ll share more updates about what’s been going on here in the Community Edition in early 2023. For now, we do have some good news if you’ve been curious about what’s happening on the enterprise side. If you’re eager to try out the new features such as data modeling and project sharing, you as an individual can start with SAP Build Apps on the Free Tier version. Our product management has provided step-by-step instructions on how to set that up: SAP Build Apps Free Tier Individual Access

Since the Free Tier model is accessible through the highly secure SAP Business Technology Platform, the signup process does require some time to configure your account and other details of the service plan. Should you have any issues getting Free Tier access, please comment directly into the blog post linked above or submit a question to the Build Apps tag on SAP Community.

Now in the spirit of the holiday season and because we know how busy you are, we have another gift under the tree.:gift: We’re pleased to introduce the SAP Build Apps Sandbox, which allows you to get started right now without having to set up the BTP Account. As opposed to the Free Tier, which has no time limitation, the Sandbox allows access for 30 days and is intended for testing purposes. The Build Apps Sandbox will be available for a limited time, but if you’ve been dying to see what visual cloud functions are about, this is a great opportunity to try it for yourself. See all the details on getting started here.

We’ve had a productive and inspiring year here, and we hope you have too. Feel free to comment on what you’ve built/learned/achieved this year with us. :point_down:

From the SAP Build Apps team in Helsinki, we wish everyone very happy holidays! :tada:

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Is there a migration process as yet from Appgyver to the new platform?

This may help

Ohhh… but the only paid for pricing level starts at 12k USD???

FFS, that is crazy!