Has anyone ever made money with solely an appgyver app?

I ask this to know if I’m using the correct platform for a startup or I should change to a company that offers monetization options


AppGyver for now can not be monetized, for now there are no monetization components such as: AdMob, Facebook, Unity Ads, etc. But if there are some tricks that they use to be able to monetize, but in itself it is not my type, but I saw it on YouTube channels. But appGyver itself doesn’t offer those third-party components. AppGyver is focused on the development and final touch of a very competitive platform in the global market. AppGyver is totally free and unlimited.

About profits: Most of the community makes applications focused on PREMIUM, they design and create applications for companies of all sizes, and also personal, example: They create applications focused on stores, information, technological sales, sales catalogs, and even cinema, and others that do not tire the customer with advertisements.

Other than in the future it may implement some component of monetization.