Has anyone noticed appgyver apps can't seem to handle even the most lightweight animated gif?

Whenever a gif is loaded, the entire app freezes and the scrollview won’t scroll, buttons won’t respond, and data will not query. It freezes up the entire app, and the gifs are light as possible. Is there any way to improve the general capabilities of Appgyver?

Hello Daniel,
I’m afraid animated gifs are going out of style. I don’t know AppGyver’s internal best practices, but they offer you the possibility to integrate animated SVGs. I think Lottie Animations will replace gifs in future. Try it, I’ve had good results with it myself

Yes svgs are commonly known. Don’t need to try it already mastered it. But to get back on subject, what is it in the Appgyver SDK which is consuming so much RAM and making it impossible to display an animated gif as an option? (Which, “I’m afraid” is still the format required by all the major gif networks if you want to allow a user to create and send a gif with meta data to their API), personal opinions about “style” notwithstanding.