Having Issue With Debugging Mode

I realized after my prior post that my biggest issue is just that I can’t connect the debug mode to my phone correctly. Are their issues with specific mobile platforms for debugging? I have a galaxy note 10+.

There aren’t any known issues on specific mobile devices or platforms having problems with connecting to debugger. By problems with connecting to the debugger, do you mean that you have trouble forming the connection in the first place or that it ceases in the middle of debugging?

If you aren’t getting the connection to form at all, I would recommend checking that your phone is connected to the same wifi network as the device you’re doing the debugging on, and that your wifi connection is stable. Also try only connecting one device at a time to the debugger. If it ceases in the middle of debugging, it could be network issues or that you have dismissed the app to the background while debugging, which will terminate the connection to the debugger.

Thank you for this, I just forgot that my office has two wifi connections and it made sense that the peer to peer connection wasn’t working since both devices were on a different connection. I appreciate your help so much!