Having issues with Download files

Hey all,

I’ve been on this problem for hours now and decided to ask the forum for help. Any answers will be appreciated.

I’m trying to use the Download Files function to download files and display an alert with the info, which all works great. However, I’m trying to save and play (using the Video Player) just the URL, but I can’t because the only output seems to be just an object, containing an array with the “path”, “size” and “mimeType” values.

Is there any way I can just get the URL of the files to save in client-side storage?

I solved all of this by using the Cache files command instead of Download files. This works much better and simpler (gives me the path as an option for my data variable, yay!), and I solved the cache expiry problem by setting it to one year. However, I do think that the Download files option should be better implemented, like the Cache files option.