Having problems with app crashing when playing videos in webview

I am loading a video into a WebView and every time the app crashes. It was working fine for a while, but now every time the app crashes. The video is optimized and light weight from cloudinary and loads and plays fine on my regular website. I was wondering if it is a ram issue, and if there is anyway to have more granular control over the ram. For example, the data variable is set from page param and retrieves a record from firebase. It also gets the text in the article. The video is at top of screen in a WebView. Is there any way to have the app minimize all other ram while the video is playing and focus more ram on playing video?

some times, when using the webview, the app crashes when you go to load a different url that the one you have defined, so maybe, when you load the video, it defaults to another url and thats why it crashes

I got it to work a lot better by transcoding the videos to WebM format. They load and play almost instant now.

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Well, it was working better. This most recent build I had to move to 3.35 because 3.2.15 was no longer an option and now it is crashing when any video is trying to play. Not only that the entire app is slower and performs horrible. Do you know if there is a trick to making things work better with the newer runtime versions? I made sure everything was updated. Do they get worse as they go up? Just asking, not trying to be negative or anything but the performance is so drastically worse it is really disappointing. Is there no way to go back to the older runtime versions.

yeah, i see what you mean, but if the current runtime version has such issue, you wont be able to fix it , the only way would be to build on a previous runtime.
Of course, you need to be sure that thats because of the runtime and not because of any logic in your app, ii suggest you create a ticket so the team can take a look at your app

The older runtime no longer shows as an option in build settings. I would like to go back to the older runtime as now hardly anything works.