Hello All. Can NOT login

So I had to create a new Account to ask a question.

I can not RESET password and log in from AppGyver. I have tried many many times, Still can not get in.

Went online to search for an Email for support , Still no reply.

Any help or direction on this would be so Greatful.


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Please try re-setting your password here: AppGyver - Composer Pro

Still not able to login. I sent a new email over to yall, with screen shots, see here too.

Thanks for helping out!

I added from past post to help validate me here.

Hey, Thanks for helping me out.

Still can’t login. I have used new passwords and it wont take. Please look at these attachments, 2 show seperate errors and one just shows that I have an account under “Alexx”

Hope this can help.


Judging by the error messages, the problems is coming from your device.
Can you please check that you:

  • Haven’t previously created account with email e.g. Myname@gmail.com instead of myname@gmail.com. The login field is case-sensitive.
  • Clear the cookies and browser cache and try re-setting or try to login in the Incognito mode of your browser.

If you are 100% confident you are doing everything correctly, please send me a private message with your email so I can check the DB for your account.

Hey, Thank you for looking into this.

Yes I have just tried all you have suggested and still getting “Error of the black screen”

Is my account something you could look at, and place a password that works on your end,like you can check it and see first hand it works and all, pass that over to me and see if I can get in with it?

From this way we could narrow down whether that is something on my end or not.

I use this email for my Alexx account: [REDACTED] (Use this in testing on your end)

Can you tell if my APP is still intact at Appgyver?

Thank you for looking into this.