Help! After update, large image list items suddenly have a fraction of the image showing

Hi there,
I have created a lot of pages in my app with lists, using the “large image list items” feature. The image appeared like an icon beside each list item, and was perfect–until I just checked it today, and suddenly ALL my pages with all my “large image list items” have a supersized image for each image/icon area squashed into the small area, so only a fraction of the image is showing, instead of the image in a small size.

I have attached a screenshot. Please, please can you help me fix this?

It suddenly happened. Is it a bug? I was guessing because of an update?

Thank you,


Please check the image style – it should be “contain” or “cover” probably to get the effect you want. If you have trouble doing that with the large image list item as a composite component, you can convert it into a container (double click to open in isolation mode, where you can access image settings and convert to container if you prefer).

Thanks, Mevi! (smiling at you) All the images were showing up correctly, as small icons, until an update and then suddenly they went too large. But I just checked and now they’re all back to the correct size again, and I didn’t change any settings for the images. So…I don’t understand it, but i’m grateful they’re all back to normal, looking the right size, the full icon and not just a huge close-up piece of the icon.

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