Help collecting a single data record from a Firestore Cloud dBase


Newbie questions …

I´m struggling to collect a single record from my Firestore dBase when I want to define the record by something other than the “id” field. I´ve defined an index in Firestore and ideally I´d like to extract the record using that index.

Alternately I could mess around a bit and get the data I need into the ID field, but I´d rather find out how to do this.

Do I need to define a unique field in Firestore which can then be used as a record identifier?

As far as I know, the only way possible to get record is either through the document path or getting a list of documents through the collection path. I cannot retrieve data through its fields.

Hmmm … Have you been successful at creating a new record with a specific id in your Cloud Firestore database?

I can create records but don´t see any way to specify or modify the id … which makes it impossible to then recall that specific record…

I have read that this is meant to be possible using .set instead of .add, but that isn´t reflected into the Appgyver GUI.

Help please :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s possible. The way to this is to send an HTTP Request to firebase and setting the method to PATCH. Take a look at this post. Might be helpful: Firebase firestore nested collections - #11 by stayfoolish