Help connecting and properly retrieving data from stackby


I have been building a relational db on stackby which is an airtable competitor, I happened to purchase a plan at a great deal and thought I would build my small business inventory app using stackby and appgyver. I am struggling with the proper way to setup my restAPI. I was able to get a collection back, but my issue us the api url request you have to pass the stack id / then the table id and being that there are multiple tables in the stack how would i properly setup the api parameters to account for being able to retrieve and interact with the data.

Here is a link to the stackby documentation in case anyone is able to spare a few minutes to help me out. I searched stackby on here but its new and so obviously nothing is showing up yet. Any advice is appreciated.

Stackby developer rest api

Thanks in advance to anyone who may lend a hand!

UPDATE: I have figured out I need to make seperate data resources for each table and I am able to get the collection for each table, however when I try to get a single row using the {id} and passing the variable I get this response

Error: The server responded with a list for a single data record. The response must be an object.status: -1

Any idea what I need to do to retrieve the row properly?

I am attempting to use a get collection for this and passing the id for the row of the table in the {id} . I will update if I am able to get this working.