Help for a Noob

Hi there, I am struggling even to follow the videos in the academy as all of the concepts are new to me and seem a little abstract.

Is there are list of the Terminology anywhere I can refer back to?

I’m relatively bright but am being put off as I cannot seem to grasp even the basics. The videos are full or words like 'object, value, variable, component, property, often in combinations like ‘multiple object properties’.

I’m struggling tbh. If anyone has a laymans guide, or simplified understanding of these concpets to help me get over rhe first hurdle I’d be very grateful - Many thanks in advance.

Just restarted the video and the next 4 words were: ‘object type page variable’.

Mind = Blown

Hmm… well let me try to help some:

A “Variable” is just a place-holder for data. a Variable contains a Value, like: Name = “Adam”.
Objects are a group of Variables put together to form - an Object! Object ‘Properties’ are just the Variables that make up an Object.

Components are the User Inteface pieces that construct the app. Such as Paragraph box, Image box, Buttons, etc. And their Properties - which you can adjust - just define how they look or behave.

Page Variables only exist during the life-span of a Page (or screen). App Variables are globally accessible throughout the whole App.

Hope this helps some.

Many thanks for your support John, I’m starting to grasp some of the very basics now. It’s exciting but I can see a long road ahead of me.