Help getting Charts to work for my project


I am relatively new to Appgyver but already have my first prototype of a dedicated sports app. However, I’m having problems (probably due to my lack of javascript knowledge) getting charts to work.

My setup:
The app is a special sports app in which the user can enter results, date and other metrics of the respective workout. For this I have on-device data storage with 5 entries.
The graph should now show the development of the parameter “result” and ideally with a Trendline like in Google Line Charts.

I have already tried to modify the Google Charts example page, but I get neither the Google Chart modified nor my data fed in.
I have already read the other posts and everything that Google spits out, but unfortunately I can’t successfully integrate it.

Maybe someone can help me here!
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the “progressive bar” from de “component market”? It’s new

No, i have not. But as far as i understand that Component is for showing Progress to a concrete Target. So unfortunately another usecase.

What i try to archive ist this (example from Google Charts) just with 1 instead of 2 datalines:

Ohhhh, I understand.

Probably you can registry the progress in google sheets, sending de user information through http request (post or put). I don’t know if one sheet for user… If you have so much users probably it wouldn’t be usable. With the data in the sheets you could make the charts.

Another way is try Airtable or another kind of DB like excel. The last one probably Firebase realtime database…

Tell us your progress, is an interesting implement…