Help‥!I can't open upper menu!

Hi!(I speak Japanese only. Sorry for hard for reading)

I’m enjoying AppGyver:D

This is my top screen↓

スクリーンショット 2020-12-10 14.18.28

click upper menu button
I can’t open menu.

What should I do?
Please help me:_

I already re-enter appgyver and reboot…

I use Safari. I must use firefox or anything else?

MacOS version 10.13.6 any problem?

Hi! I think there are problems with Safari 14 right now. Can you use firefox or even better, chrome, for the time being?

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Thank you for replying!
I really appreciate!

I tried chrome.
This problem have solved! :laughing:

Thank you very very much! :heart_eyes:

I will continue to enjoy :laughing:
Thank you for making this application!

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