Help in "Dropdown field"

Hi, I’m new to the platform and would like help with the Dropdown field.
I would like to create a mechanism, in which the person selects what he wants and clicks start, that is, depending on which one he chooses he goes to a different page.

thanks for the attention, who can help me thank you!

So you bind your Dropdown value to a Page variable. Then on the Page Layout canvas, Put a Receive Event node and set it to ‘Page Variable Changed’. This Event will fire when the user selects an option from your Dropdown because you Binded the Page variable to it’s value. Now In this Event you will put a Open Page node and set it to the Page Variable value.

That should do what you want

I must be doing something wrong.

Bind your Page Variable to where it says ‘Selected Value’. For this example, call it “PageSelect”, or something. Then in your Page Variable Changed Event set it as the “PageSelect” variable.

What will now happen is whenever the user chooses “variable1” or “variable2” from the dropdown then your “PageSelect” variable will = either “variable1” or “variable2”

Then you do an IF flow function formula : if PageSelect == “variable1” (or “variable2”) then Open Page 1 (or 2)

  • I did it that way, but when I select an option, it always goes to the same page, am I doing something wrong?

video > 473ed40ad0f6435486c25ba7f804ccf909_59_52

Youre binding your values to variables “teste1” and “teste2”, and the values of both those variables havent been set, and are empty, so it goes to the same page when you check with IF. You really dont need to bind those dropdown values to variables, just set them to text or something like “page 1” and “page 2” respectively.

Then your IF condition should be a formula like: PageSelect == “page 1”
So it will check IF PageSelect == “page 1” then be either true or false.

sorry, i don’t speak much english and i don’t understand much about this subject, would you be able to teach me what i’m doing wrong for screenshots?

Is this if conditions to be set in the OnChange event?