Help Needed for Social media app development

Hi Everyone,
I am currently working with someone to develop my social media app project for both mobile app, mobile web and PC web version using Appgyver and they have made some considerable progress already; however I have the following questions that I need some help with please: (Please note, I will especially like it if any representatives of Appgyver could also respond to these questions also, thanks.)

  1. Will it be possible to ever migrate the website and app away from the Appgyver platform at some point in the future?

  2. Is it possible to share the app’s link with others as you may do with WhatsApp for instance if our users want to invite others to join them?

  3. Is it possible to embed a functional video and GIF icon on the status bar on the website and app?

  4. Is it possible to have the @user and # functionality on the apps that are built here on Appgyver? So that we can also add those features on to our platform for our users to use in mentioning users or things?

  5. I have just purchased a new domain name, will it be possible to use our domain name once the website is completed rather than Appgyver’s domain name?

  6. What are the processes required to get an Apple and Android App developer’s account in order to have our app on those two platforms and roughly how long could the whole process take?

  7. What would be the best database and server option for us to choose if we are going to be targetting 10K plus users?

  8. Whilst developing the mobile app and website version for our project, we noticed that the android devices options was not showing Samsung phones unlike the numerous iphone and ipad device options do anyone know why this is please?

Thank you all very much as you help us in answering these questions, I eagerly look forward to your response.

For the questions 1, 2 and 5, i tink this totorial can help you :

For the 3, i don’t understand : you want put a gif in the menu bar ?
For the 4, i am not sure is possible, may be with formula or javascript.
For the 6, you need to create account on each store.
For 7, you can choice the hoster you want.
For the 8, composing refers to certain type of device for example but works on all types of device.
I hope this will answer some of your questions.

@Bertrand_BZH thanks for linking one of my videos!

To add to the response above signing up for developer accounts is usually pretty quick. Uploading an app to Google play from start to finish and going live I would say could be 2 to 5 days or so. This could be more or less depending on Googles review. For Apple it’s much more difficult the cost of the account is higher and on top of that their guidelines for getting your app published our very strict.

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