Help Searching Objects

I’m struggling to find a way to effective search an object. I make an API request which returns data in the form of an object, like below. I wish to be able to search to object to find how many of the values are between 2 and 3 for example. I’ve tried to round the values to an integer and then try to count how many 2’s or 3’s there are but I had trouble rounding object values. I’ve tried to search the amount of times “2.” or “3.” appears but that struggles to find it and the values are numbers. Any ideas of how effectively to do this?
“20160101”: 2.27,
“20160102”: 2.5,
“20160103”: 4.74,
“20160104”: 4.73,
“20160105”: 4.91,
“20160106”: 7.78,
“20160107”: 4.8,
“20160108”: 2.97,
“20160109”: 2.52,


First you can use VALUES to transform the object property values into an array:

VALUES({"one": 1, "two": 2 })[1, 2]

After that you can use array formula functions such as SELECT and COUNT on the resulting list.