Help - Show only the specific data of an item on a list when tap it

Hm, hello?
I have been facing this problem for a month if not more, I just can’t get around it, and it’s keeping me from finishing the project.
I have a list of items that when I tap one it opens a new page. I linked the page name to the item name, that works just fine.
I also have two input fields where I add data to a list below, to keep it organized. And another input field that adds information to a container below, one that when I tap gives me the option to update it.

But my problem is that I have more than 10 items in that initial list, but even by tapping different items, it keeps showing me the same data.
When I tap item 1, it opens the other page with the information of item 1, however, when I tap item 3, for example, it opens the other page with the same information as item 1, and so on.

I sorry for being a bother, it probably is a simple problem, but I just can’t get around.

Hi, sounds like you are always passing the ID of the first item as the parameter for the page that opens, you should be passing in the open page node :slight_smile:

Looking at the navigation node, open page, the parameters id is in I know that this part works because of the second page name, it varies depending on the item I tap, but not the data in it.

Okay, that’s good if the name is working! Next I would check if the incorrect data on the page is coming from the same data variable as the name? If so, I would use the State tab in the debugger to take a look at the data and check if it’s all correct.