Help uploading images to appgyver cloud

Please Help.
I’m trying to upload images to appgyver cloud database.

I did a example app following step by step the video tutorial “Power UP uploading Files” and it works fine and send files to local database.

But when I try replicate the app changing the database from local to cloud it doesn’t work, I’m doing something wrong, is been a week and I cant find out the problem.
Please anyone can help me !!
I will appreciate any help.
Here is my app Number /206749/pages/28

This is my button to get the image from camera.

Here is the Data Variable Logic

Here is the formula to set up page variable

If you take a look on the debugger the files upload to the server “Picture_Keys_Server” but it does´t copy to local imageGaleryList to show records on the list component.

I’m sure that I missing a stupid thing, but I’m not able to find it myself.

Carlos A

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