Help with Backendless API


I’m trying to get a Backendless API (Social and OAuth2 Logins - Backendless REST API Documentation)to work. But can’t access the returned request_url in AppGyver . The response body is a plain text.

I’ve used a http_request, but cannot get the request_url from the response body.
I’ve also tried a create record using a REST API direct integrations but also cannot get the request_url from the response body.
The call to the Google API works, I get a 200 and I see the ‘request_url’ in the network call in inspector.

Alternatively, I can take a HTTP redirect to the authorization URL, but this redirect doesn’t seem to do anything automatically - I just get the browser code in inspector.

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So I’m trying to get access to the content of the response body i.e. outputs[“RequestUrlNode”].response.
But no matter what I try, even though the api returns 200, the content of ‘response’ is null.

Amy ideas ?

Hi @paul , I am encountering the same issue as you. Have you ever managed to solve this ?
Or perhaps someone from the AppGyver team could help us ?

I also don’t get why the HTTP Request / Raw Response Body is always empty. If I use a fake server page which returns some JSON content, then it shows up. But not if it’s just plain text like the Backendless request_url returns. It looks as though the Raw Response Body attempts to parse JSON content anyway, even though that should happen only in the ‘Reponse body in JSON format’ property.

Looking forward to any solution to this. Thanks

Hi @Nicolas_Remy , I wish I could help but I never got an answer and could not find a resolution. I ended up abandoning the idea, which was a real shame.

Hope you get better success!


Perhaps you could help @Harri_Sarsa ?