Help with Bubble integration

I’m trying to use Appgyver as front end from my bubble app. My issue is the following:

  • i successfully log the user in doing external login in Appgyver, and can retrieve user_id and token
  • i can successfully get any collection from Bubble, map them to data variable and display them in text or list component, except for the User collection:
  • for the user collection: i can successfully get the full User collection record, or a single User Record. I can map it successfully to a Data Variable (i can see it in the Debugger, and in the composer it appears with the right value). Then i map the Data variable to a Text or List, and here is the issue: it does not display anything.

I removed all Privacy rules for User in Bubble, i’ve checked the user has a verified email… i cannot solve it… Can anyone help me with this?