Help with Drill down to detail screen

I have a list of objects that is being repeated on a page1. When I tap on a specific item I would like to see the drilldown for that item. I am not able to do this because my setup is different. My Get rest method is returning a list.
Here is my output for “Get” method.
“Name”: “Haag”,
“created”: 1605207283000,
“ownerId”: null,
“updated”: null,
“District”: “Zuid-Holland”,
“___class”: “City”,
“objectId”: “7”,
“Population”: 440900,
“___jsonclass”: “City”

I would like to pass “objectId” value “7” to my detail page variable. How can I map this.

I tried the following map: STRING(current.propName[0].objectId)
I do see the value “7” displayed in “Example results” section, but it is not returning this value.
If i use static text to test it using STRING(7), the drilldown works.

How do I get the value of the objectId, which is “7” from the component? please help.

Hi Jay,

You’ll want to add a page navigation logic flow to the list component.

Basically, on list item tap, navigate to a page, passing a page parameter (set up the page parameter on the detail page of course.)

See the following example.

Thank you! That worked, but I tried to bind my detail page variable with “Property of data item in repeat” it could not bind it: incompatible type.

I used formula current.objectId and that worked.

Sorry about the delay, first week back to work was killer.

If you’ve not solved this yet, you’re very close. When you have your list setup to repeat on the your city data, you have to then also click on the repeat item in the layout window.

You’ll notice the difference in your logic view versus mine. Yours says “Event: Component Tap” and mine says “Event: List item tap”.

On tap, you’ll want to navigate to page Details, passing the current.objectId as the parameter.

Then on the actual page “Details” you need to set up a Page Parameter of city_id. Then you can use that data in your Details page to reference the row in your City data to display.

Thank you! This issue is solved. Again, thank you for your help.