Help with formula to get eager.secure_url from wloudinary

I am having a hard time understanding where the periods “.” and the index “[0]” goes in the return formula to get the response from an http request.

Would this be correct or am I missing a period or a [0] somewhere?

outputs[“HTTP request”].resBody.eager[0].secure_url

Thanks for your help.

“asset_id”: “b5e6d2b39ba3e0869d67141ba7dba6cf”,
“public_id”: “eneivicys42bq5f2jpn2”,
“version”: 1570979139,
“version_id”: “98f52566f43d8e516a486958a45c1eb9”,
“signature”: “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345”,
“width”: 1000,
“height”: 672,
“format”: “jpg”,
“resource_type”: “image”,
“created_at”: “2017-08-11T12:24:32Z”,
“tags”: ,
“pages”: 1,
“bytes”: 350749,
“type”: “upload”,
“etag”: “5297bd123ad4ddad723483c176e35f6e”,
“placeholder”: false,
“url”: “”,
“secure_url”: “”,
“access_mode”: “public”,
“original_filename”: “sample”,
“eager”: [
{ “transformation”: “c_pad,h_300,w_400”,
“width”: 400,
“height”: 300,
“url”: “,h_300,w_400/v1570979139/eneivicys42bq5f2jpn2.jpg”,
“secure_url”: “,h_300,w_400/v1570979139/eneivicys42bq5f2jpn2.jpg” },
{ “transformation”: “c_crop,g_north,h_200,w_260”,
“width”: 260,
“height”: 200,
“url”: “,g_north,h_200,w_260/v1570979139/eneivicys42bq5f2jpn2.jpg”,
“secure_url”: “,g_north,h_200,w_260/v1570979139/eneivicys42bq5f2jpn2.jpg” }]

In your case the response is an object or an array?
If an object, you don’t have to place the [0] anywhere. Just do a similar formula that would already parse the JSON into a schema.

To get that single property you would do this:

DECODE_JSON(otuputs["HTTP request"].resBodyRaw).secure_url

Or this:

LOOKUP(DECODE_JSON(otuputs["HTTP request"].resBodyRaw, "secure_url"))

Hope this helps.