Help with Multiple Page Logic

Hi Community!

I’m hoping someone has an easy solution that I’m just missing from not being experienced in code.

So - For my app I use xano rest api with add-ons.

My App is a directory app and the structure needs to be as follows:

Category ----> Company Name ------> Contacts who belong to the company

So I’m having no issues with the first two steps where I list categories (plumber, roofer, mortgage etc…) When the user selects a category the companies who belong to that category are populated. I do this by simply using page parameters.

My issues is how to populate contacts after a company is chosen.

I’m guessing that perhaps I should use a page variable? set the company item to storage? create a different input in xano with a different page parameter?

Please see the photo for the structure I’m trying to achieve. Any help is super appreciated!!

Hi Michelle, that will depend on how you fetch the data for the contacts. Is the contacts list already held in the Company object or do you need to make a new API call to get the contacts?