Help with transferring data to another page

I am making an app that will be used to manage subscriptions by name and cost. Currently I have two pages, one that you fill out and click save, and another that lists the saved contacts. What I’m having problems with is transferring the data when it is saved onto the other page to be listed. Can someone show me how its possible or link me to a video?I’ve read this isnt possible though pages. Basically this video but the list is on another page[No-code Power-up: Forms and Validation /w AppGyver - YouTube]

Hi if you are looking to transfer one ‘set’ of data every time you go to next page (if you understand what im saying)ex you have a profiles list and when you tap on a profile, open the profile page, in that case you can transfer for ex the name , username or whatever via page parameters but in your case, i would use an other way.
you can make a list app variable and in the first page you will add data to that list and in the second you can display that list of names
also you need to think when will you store that data (either on the device or on your database ) will it be after the input in the first page or with some kind of button in the second page