Help with wrapping content on app page

Hi All,

Working on an app that has a “map” component. Specifically, I’ve laid out a page as follows:

  • Scrollable container - horizontal scroll (true), vertical scroll indicator (false), horizontal scroll indicator (true). Horizontal layout, justify top and left. Checked “Wrap overflowing components onto new row”. Grows to full width (I believe this to mean just the width of the normal app window on whatever device).

  • Container - Set to repeat with object (my data - it’s numbers). Also set to layout horizontal with top and left justify. Width and heigh set to fill container as well.

  • Text box - Set so that if a number is 0, it doesn’t display the number. Width and height are fit to content.

The issue I’m having is that I get a horizontal row of all my content appropriately shown, but it’s not wrapping to multiple rows at all. I am ideally trying to get a row of 25 repeating numbered objects, then a break to a new row and continuing the pattern until the numbers are all done. I have everything right, but the wrapping isn’t happening. I’m not sure if I’m just missing a setting or what.

Any help is greatly appreciated!