Helpful hints for your first App

I´m not really qualified to offer detailed technical advice, but I think some people are starting out on their first app and have no idea where to start or what they are ultimately trying to achieve. Before you start coding or designing in AppGyver, take some time to storyboard it. The below is just one link I found outlining this.

If you end up with more than 20 or so screens then there is a good chance its a bit much as a first project. Simplify it and see it you can make your initial release achievable. You can always add to it later.

Then look for the essential elements of your design - GPS, audio - whatever, and try to build a really basic example of it first. There´s no point building a nicely laid out login screen if your key app function doesn´t work. All the nice stuff should be done last.

Also, its very important to decide why you are doing this. Is it a personal interest project? A learning one? Do you intend making money from it? Define your commercial objectives and make sure that you understand the rules around in-app payments etc.

Do some good research too, spend several hours looking at who else already does something similar. Consider their development budget.

Use the forum for defined questions. These are specific issues you are having, supported by good screen shots and a good explanation of what you have tried to do already and what you are stuck with. Make sure you have searched the forum well and read the documentation.

If you are trying to use the forum as a shortcut to learning you will find the advice quite limited. The more it looks like you have tried to help yourself, the more help you will get.

Good luck building your app. But remember its your app, your design, your concept. You need to do the most work on it.


Perfect, thanks for the tip.

I think of you as one of the guys who knows lots :slight_smile: When you get replies to your questions (like you do) then you know they are good questions.

I´m just seeing a lot of people posting who need a bit of direction or help. I would love to be able to see on the forum profiles if people have completed the tutorials.

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Sorry, but you’re wrong.

I started using AppGyver in October 2021.

Yes, I managed to finish an app that is already on the Google store, but my knowledge is very small compared to people like you.

Anyway, my gratitude for the trust.