Hide a component on the view canvas while designing UI


I’m designing a UI which includes a floating window (A container that is only visible under certain circumstances). My issue is that it obscures elements underneath it (as it’s supposed to do at runtime) which makes it hard to work on the UI in the View Canvas - so my question is:

Is there a way to hide a container while working in the view canvas? If not - are there other solutions to when working on this type of UI?


Hi Oli, if the component’s visibility is bound to a formula or variable, you can hide it on the view canvas by setting the preview value to False when editing the visibility binding:


Another way to conditionally show/hide components is by using the Conditional Renderer component, but in this case yours sounds like a good approach. :slight_smile:

Hi Mari,

that doesn’t seem to work - I have the preview value set to False and it’s still visible on the view canvas. (it works fine at runtime)


Hi, looks like you need to first choose “True” in the dropdown and then “False” again (the value turns from gray italics to normal black text).

Perfect - thanks so much.