Hide code from browser possible?

Hello all.

i am trying to create a web browser game.
i understand that all code can be seen by the user since this is a front end js platform right?
Is there anyway i can hide the code?
i am trying to prevent users from cheating. for example changing health etc

much appreciated.

One time, i had an IT guy telling me that after a seeing appgyvers he thinks that its problem is that everything is programmed in the frontend, and so there are problems with security and thing like what you said.
To tell you the truth i dont think thats true (even though i dont have much knowledge on the topic) but i guess they have figured a way to make it right.
So im very interested to see the response of the team!

Hi! We have a primer for security here: https://docs.appgyver.com/appgyver-academy/academy-articles/primer-security?q=security

Basically yes, having secrets in the frontend is bad, which is why you need to use a backend. Having a login from which you get a token with which you can get the data from the backend to the frontend application is the way to go.

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