Hide component if input is empty?

I am using this formula (used both IS_NULL and IS_EMPTY) to hide List Section Header “STEOP”, if I am typing in input field, and to show it if input field is empty.
It is hiding when I start to type, but not showing up again, if I remove all characters from Input field.
What am I doing wrong?


I think it would be best to to just toggle the visible property of the List Section Header instead of tracking the onChange event. There’s also some issues with set component property that we are fixing, so it work a bit unreliably at the moment. Go into the advanced properties of the list section header and set its visibility to the formula you already have :slight_smile: it should work!

Thank you, Cecilia !

hello Cecilia_Berg could you explain to me
How to Hide the Button if the entry is empty?


Set the button’s visibility (under advanced properties) to the formula !IS_EMPTY(input_variable). Just replace input_variable with whatever the variable name that is bound to your input.

you helped me a lot

Could you explain one more thing to me how I can add 2 whole numbers,
I can do division, multiplication and subtraction
but the sum I can’t

these are the formulas I used to try to add

if you can help me i appreciate it
and once again thank you very much


Looking at the description for the SUM formula, you can see that the values need to be separated by a comma. So Try SUM([pageVars.N1,pageVars.N2]) and it should work.