Hide / Expand cells

For instance, a row with 4 cells, each with functionality. (picture a panel/frame driven site like Evernote)

I’d like to be able to put a “hide/expand” button in each cell that reduces its size from the % or PX default down to 15px or so. I can’t figure out where to modify the cells’ size programatically, only in the Composer UI manually.

Is there a good way to do this? or another way I should be approaching this altogether?

The Row component is essentially just a shorthand to configure a horizontal-layout container with additional containers inside.

Thus, by constructing the row manually – adding 4 containers within a master container whose layout direction is set to horizontal – will allow you to bind formulas to the width property of the child containers (alternatively, if you know/learn how flexbox works, you can use the Flex grow/shrink/basis values under the Show advanced options section of the Dimension and position accordion – so you’d have flex grow 0/shrink 1 and basis 15 (for 15 px) when it’s in hidden state, and flex grow 1/shrink 0 when it’s in expanded state).

Should make the cell values bindable to formulas too though.

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Thank you so much, you’re amazing!

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