Hide Initial Spinner on App Launch

Is there a way to remove the initial spinner that appears when the app is launched? I am talking about the spinner that appears right after the launch screen, before the first page appears. I don’t see any option to turn that off.


if my memory serves me well, that exists only in the preview but someone else needs to confirm this

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No, I thought so too, but it also exists in the stand-alone app. On the global canvas logic, I added Hide Spinner connected to App Launch, but it still shows after the launch screen

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By “it still shows” do you mean it does not hide at all, or it shows briefly before your app is shown?

So when I open my app, it shows it for about half a second after the launch screen. Could I completely get rid of it?

Does your page has the “show spinner on page load” enabled in the page properties tab?

No it doesn’t. I disabled it on every page as well put a hide spinner logic on global canvas at app launch

Do you have a firebase auth page? There is a show spinner logic flow on get current user, if I remember well by default.

Nope, I don’t have that

Out of curiosity, if you create a plain new app and do all the hide spinner and disable showing spinner stuff in that one, does it show the spinner after the launch screen? If not, we would know there is still some configuration in your app that is showing it somehow :thinking: