Hide keyboard one click

I have an input that does a search and presents the results in a list, the problem is:
I need to do 2 taps on the screen, 1 to close the keyboard and another to click on the list item.
Like instagram, where you search for users, and only 1 click is needed to enter the person’s profile.
Is there a possibility to do this in appgyver?

You can always setup a “Receive Event” (aka listener aka observer) to take note of certain activities, variable changes, etc.

The keyboard is a on-client layer (native on a smartphone, and a literal input on a desktop/laptop), so I’m not sure you can listen for this. But if you poke around, you might be able to come up with a workaround, like using return-to-focus (or similar) on specific AG pages and in specific situations.

This has to be done like @KRB said, for example by listening to an event and then using the hide keyboard flow function to hide the keyboard and then navigate to the page you want to for example.

Have you found a way around this issue? I am facing the same thing :frowning:

Just to clarify the issue: when a user types into the search bar, and suggestions come up, when the user clicks on a suggestion, the keyboard dismisses first and nothing else happens and the user has to click again to click on the suggestion.

Essentially, users have to tap twice to click on a suggestion instead of once

Hmm :thinking: Does the click event register at all other than for the keyboard dismissal? I think I’d like to test it if it doesn’t.


yeah, I don’t think it does

Yes, the problem is only with the scrollview, in my case it was not necessary to use it, so I chose to use only one container. So the operation is correct.

Oh, interesting :thinking: I’ll try to make a test case for this.

Hey @renan_miranda did your scroll view have a z-index set? I think we’ve seen a similar issue with scroll view where the keyboard dismiss doesn’t work at all when a z-index is set.