Hide/Remove a button after it is clicked in a "Repeat with" list

Hello everyone. I added a button remove an item from a list from “Repeat with.” The item is successfully deleted after clicking the button, but the button still remains there. How do I make the button removed in real-time?

Open the advanced properties in the right panel where you can trigger the visibility of the button.
Just bind it to a true/false variable to make it appear (set true by default) and disappear (set to false) when button is tapped.

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Thanks for guiding me where to begin! Would you review if I’m making the right thought processes?

I created a true/false page variable called “tapped” and added a “Set page variable” node to make the variable “True” when the button is clicked. Then for the visible setting of the button, I used the following formula “IF(pageVars.Tapped == false,true,false)”

This hid the button after I clicked, but it also hid all the other buttons in the list. And the empty space doesn’t disappear.

Right, forgot abt the repeat.
So no need for true:false var. since you delete the record, just reload the list with a Get collection and the whole line and its button will disappear.

Would you teach me where to add the Get Record (collection)? I added after the delete node within the delete button logic, which returned the 404 record “Not found” status.

If I do it in the container that does repeat, how do I trigger the GET record collection after the record is deleted?

I can’t do it on the fly without having your screen in front of me.
Lookup “Coach red” on YouTube, he has a AppGyver CRUD tutorial with firebase and builds a todo list with a delete item on a repeat.

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Thanks - I watched his video. Appgyver / Firebase CRUD - 7 Delete Todo in Appgyver - YouTube

In his tutorial, the delete button is on another page (detail view of a todo list), then the user is brought back to the main list after deleting it.

One interesting thing is that when I do the exact same thing with local storage, the line and the button disappears, but not with the Firebase. I’m trying to understand when and how the auto refresh / reload happens.