Hide screen from menu

Hi, I have two screens in my app. “Detail Record” is activated by clicking on an item in the list. I don’t want it to be visible in the menu. I see no way to “hide” the screen or remove it from the menu.

I am accessing it as a modal, so the menu is not visible from the second screen, so that’s taken care of.

As you can see, I am a newbie.



Follow this video.

Thank you for your response. You misunderstood. I want the menu, but I want to be able to control what screens are visible on the menu. Not all screens should be able to accessed through the menu.

remove “Detail Record” from the Navigation screen

You’ll get there by doing an “Open Page” after a Tap, so you don’t need it here

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Thank you, I wasn’t clear on that – it looked to me like it would remove the entire page! Worked like a champ.