HIPPA Compliance

How can I make my app HIPPA compliant

As far as I understand, that completely depends on the backends you use. Our free-tier hosted backend services (AppGyver Auth, AppGyver Cloud Storage) are not HIPAA-compliant, though we can set up HIPAA-compliant architectures under the AppGyver Black enterprise plan.

But if you code your backend, data storage and user management to be HIPAA-compliant and integrate via REST APIs, there’s nothing in the AppGyver runtime preventing compliance

a built in way to integrate google backed services would make Appgyver so powerful. You guys would kill the market. Your platform speed is killer. the exporting options are killer.

Get google integrated easily for your users and you will take over!!!

The google BAA is powerful and being able to just send data securely to their servers with authenticated users would be really useful!

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