Horizontal Scroll for Web App

For my top navigation in a web app, not native app, I am struggling to have the Scroll view container scroll. (Native works. Is a bit finicky with touch area but functions in preview app.)

Is this feature functional for the web app?

Anyone else had success in web app version for horizontal scroll?

This sounds like a missing feature… What you could try for web is a regular container with the overflow property under advanced style props set to scroll; that should work!

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Thanks for the direction. :hugs:

I tried this a few different ways. I can’t get the regular container scroll feature to work on web at all.

My Super Basic Test
Container 1 - 500px wide - overflow set to horizontal scroll
2 buttons inside it. Each 400px wide. no shrink. Margin between them.

Tried in Firefox and Chrome on Mac. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Edit to Add: I just realized that it is the non-touch that it doesn’t work on. The web app version works on touch screens only as far as I can tell.

Working now! Not sure what I changed that worked. But it nows works!

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Not wishing to create duplicate threads here on the same subject, so I’ll add to this one.

I’m currently in the process of developing a web app myself. I’m curious if, by your last comment, Carri, if you’ve figured out how to make that scroll view-like container work correctly with a mouse and keyboard interface in Chrome on PC or is it only in mobile still.

It’s just not working out for me today.