Horizontal view on mobile, vertical view on tablet?

I see, that the AppGyver can change settings according to the state of the inbuilt device gyroscopes but I can find neither horizontal mobile view or vertical tablet view.
Do I need to create these layouts with the custom view if I wanna modify the looks differently on vertical and horizontal orientations? Would that be it, or is there something else I should think of?
Thanks in advance!

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Hmmm if you want the UI to look different with different configurations, I would do it by using systemVariables in formulas to show/hide or adjust components accordingly.

If you have more precise questions, I can try to answer them in more length :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I missed your reply which I’m very thankful for.
I see, so I guess, I just need to set a custom width that corresponds to the device’s width in horizontal orientation.