How an AppGyver page knows that a user is authenticated?


Inspecting the two types of authentication provided by AppGyver - see the image below.

For Firebase, there is a step called ‘Set auth state pesistance (Firebase Auth)’ and for Third-party auth an step called ‘Set app variable’. Checking the documentation there is no information about what is set in order to allow appgyver recongnize that a given user is authenticated.

  • I would like to understand when we have authentication enabled, how pages know that there is an user authenticated ?
  • What is set ?
  • Whats the difference bettwen Set auth state pesistance (Firebase Auth) and Set app variable for the authentication process ?

Hi @Kirill_Leventcov , can you help me on this question, please ?

Hi @Mevi

May you help me on a clarification ?

How pages knows that there is an authenticated user and the question above ?

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Hi! This is super late but just in case you still need it or someone else stumbles upon this topic, here is relevant documentation: Authentication & Firebase - Google Firebase

Basically when auth is enabled for the app the app handles itself the basic logic of how the auth works. This logic is different for Firebase authentication and for a custom third-party authentication. For Firebase, we are able to handle most of the logic. For third-party authentication, you need to implement most of the logic yourself. Usually you want to store a token you receive from your backend to an app variable that you then use in all and any REST API calls later on in your logic as a logged in user.