How can I add a sidebar into my app?

How can I create a sidebar so I can slide from the left to the right to show it? It’s a very basic and important feature, but I haven’t found out yet how to create it.

Like this:


I am also very interested in a solution to this issue. This is an essential feature when you have more than a few unrelated pages.

I bet this could be faked by creating a container filled with list items to select but make it not visible until the user taps something along the left edge of the screen (do a ‘Show Component’ flow function), and then it appears. And then you could use the ‘Animate Component’ flow function to make it appear to slide in from the left. Then to make it go away when the user taps outside of the container, capture the tap Event of the background container on the screen and do a ‘Hide Component’ function on the “slide-in” container.
That would be a real hacky way to maybe accomplish that.

Thank you! But yeah, it would be so much better to have just a simple component for this.

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There’s no way to create one now. This functionality is the responsibility of react-navigation - Drawer, which is not available in appgyver
Waiting for the team to add custom plugins

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