How can i build an easy password login?

Hi, want to build a simple login for one of the pages of my app. I want that someone is only possible to get access to this page, if he wrote the right password into the password field. How can i do this?

Thanks for answers.

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I would use the Auth feature found in Composer for this. You can use your own custom backend if you don’t want to use ours :slight_smile:

for now, i use this. But the login is opened as an initial view and every one has to login to get access to the app. Is it also possible to lock only specific sites that need a login?
So if my App has 4 Pages. That 3 of them are accessable for everyone without login and that page 4 need a login.

I think you can open pages on top of the original initial page if you like, or you can create soft tabs for access there, but the way the login works is that only once logged in, the navigation menu appears.