How can I collaborate with other users on a project?

I’ve emailed twice, once on Dec 23rd and once on Jan 3rd. I don’t think going to get a reply so I’ll try asking here lol.

I need to share a project with two fellow students, we are using AppGyver for a capstone project. Is there a way to share access? I found some old topics (such as this one How to share app build progress with team members? - #6 by Mevi) that mention being able to contact AppGyver and from there allow people to access a project. Like I said above though, I don’t get any replies from that email address so I don’t think that helps a ton.

Is there any way to share access to a project? How about if I go through SAP? I managed to figure out how to sign up with SAP, created users for all three of us, and access AppGyver through SAP. But the project list only shows our own projects, I can’t seem to find a way to add collaborators. I swear that I read somewhere the SAP paid version of AppGyver allowed collaboration on projects, could I please get some help setting this up? Or if it’s not possible someone can let me know so I can stop bashing my head against a wall trying to set this up.


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Hi! Most of our team has been on holidays over this time, so no wonder the response time has been rather slow :sweat_smile: Yes as said before, we don’t have any easy sharing at the moment (we do have plans though!), and it would have to go through us sharing access if must be. My default recommendation for a student project would be to create a shared account on which you build the project, setting the password to something that all of you would know.

If you want a project shared at the moment, I can give access to you if the project is via (not via SAP portal, I can’t give access to those). For that I’d need the id of the project and the user ids and emails of the owner of the project and each of the user accounts that would be added. You can send this information to me via DM if that feels more comfortable. However, if you need to sign up again anyway, I do recommend setting up one account with a shared password for the duration of this student project, as that will be far quicker to do than to wait for me :slight_smile:

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Is there a way we can upvote this feature (shared projects)?

I expect this to be a bigger concern once more SAP users are collaborating…

The correct feature ticket for this is this one and yep, it’s something we most definitely will need for SAP customers, so it’s possible we will have a version of it on the community edition as well.