How can I copy the component from a page to other page?

There are some components that I already set up a lot.
Can I copy that component and move to other page?
If I can, tell me how I can do that plz :slight_smile:

If you simply select the component and press CMD+C (CTRL+C on Windows), it’ll copy that component and associated logic onto the clipboard. You can then paste it into another app with CMD+V (CTRL+V on Windows).

To copypaste multiple components on one go, you can drag all the components inside a single container and copypaste that container.

Hi, is this function still implemented?
On Chrome on windows, I can copy a component with Ctrl+C and see the “Copied component to clipboard!” message, but nothing happens when I ctrl+v to paste into another app.
Have tried both:

  1. Copying the component and then exiting current app, opening other app and pasting.
  2. having both apps open in separate tabs
  3. having both apps open in separate windows

Yes CTRL + C for Windows, or CMD + C for Apple

This seems only to work within an app for copying components within or between pages.
It doesn’t work for copying components between Apps for me.
Any ideas for workarounds for this?
Also any ideas for copying page variable schema between pages or individual variables would save me a lot of time.

Yea that wont work between apps. I dont think that can be done.

The only way I could think might work with copying variable schemas is by creating a Data Variable with a custom schema. Then you could access that Data Variable from all of your pages. I havent tried that but I think it should work.

Ok I guess I’ll have to use a different working approach.

My workaround for now is to have a sketchpad test page that I work out and test stuff in before copying to the actual app pages.
I can set whether to start on the test page or another page using the navigator