How can I create this in the rest API

I would like to understand what the “G” stands for and how it can be represented in the DATA resource API.

I understand H is in the header.
But how can I represent the G as well the urlencoded part?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

The -G flag in Curl stands for --get which is used when you need to send a GET request with data, which is usually done via POST. So it’s a way to overwrite the usual expectation of sending data via POST and forcing a GET request (Read more here)

With that, there are several ways to do this:

  1. Using the “HTTP request” flow function with GET method and passing the data that way.
  2. Using a custom JavaScript flow function to copy and paste the JS example as seen from your screenshot.

The first approach is easier and probably better. Note that the “data” you need to pass needs to be URL encoded via a Formula before sending.

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