How can I do something on a given date / time?

Hello, I know that the question sounds rare but I explain :sweat_smile:. In my app I want the user to select a date and time for your post to be published. How could I automate that?

Basically that the app produces an event or something so that said post will be published on the determined date. If I gave myself, I would appreciate your help.

Thanks beforehand :blush:

I think you must do it in back-end with a schedule task… I am doing with Firebase cloud functions.


hmm that was my first thought, but i wanted to check to see if AppGyver had something i could work with. Thanks anyway :relaxed: I’ll try that then

I would agree with Serge. Maybe post it immediately but add a visibility field so it can´t be seen until the specified time. That might be simpler than a process to post at a specific time.