How can I duplicate an application?

How can I duplicate an application? I do not wanna spend another month rebuilding a duplicate. I need to dup for second project.

Hi! We don’t have a feature for that, other than you could copy paste your components from one app to another, but if you email us at with your user id, the app id you want to copy and the id of a new app you created which you want to override with the first app, we might be able to do that for you. All ids have to belong to you, of course.

Hi @Mevi! I want to try some radical new things with our app, but also definitely want to keep a working version available while I experiment. I sent an inquiry to a couple days ago asking them to copy the existing app to a new one I set up. Haven’t heard back yet. Do you know about how long I should wait before expecting to hear back?

Thank you!

Nevermind on this! I’m rebuilding from scratch. I’ll send a follow up email to the team to make sure they know. Thank you though.

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I need to copy my apps to another account, I read here in this post that at the moment it is only possible by asking you, so I did by writing to contact but I never received a reply, can you tell me if it is possible or is there another way? thank you.

Hi guys,

I don’t know if is possible to duplicate to another account, but if you want to duplicate an app into same account, you can do it by using this option on the APP’s list.

Thanks Pedro, i know into the same account, but i need to move in another account. I’m wait support…

Hi! We don’t currently have support for moving/copying apps between accounts I’m afraid. :disappointed: