How can I get appgyver app to recognize a param passed in the url which opens the app and actually save the value of the param to an app variable

I have tried creating a page param on global canvas, initial page, and even the app launched from url event and cannot get my app to pass any params or values with the initial url which opens the app, on web or mobile. What is the secret to being able to deep link into a specific page in an app. None of the existing conversations in this forum have any answers so can we start a fresh discussion?

Hi Daniel,

You need to prove the url schema details in build phase.

I have not implemented for my app yet. Hope this gives you some idea.

Yes, of course. Though I have yet to find an answer to what exactly that field is asking for, I have entered the name of my app there. But that should only matter for mobile app. I need to also pass params to initial page on web.

If you call your page with page.Page1?var1=value and add var1 as pageParam it will populate it with value of “value”.


Of course you can do htaccess on web server and rewrite it into nice URL like

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^var/(.*)$ page.Page1?var1=$1

I wonder how to do htaccess on firebase hosting. Thanks, that must be the problem. I was not including page1

Ah, fireserv file or firebase.json file :. ```
“hosting”: {
“rewrites”: [ {
“source”: “**/!(.css|.js|.map|.jpg|.gif|.png|*.php)”,
“destination”: “/index.html”
} ]