How can I get notification when someone install my component from Marketplace

As you know, marketplace allow you discover new view components, flow functions, data connectors, page templates, etc …

But I don’t know who use it, and what’s the feedback or suggestion for my app.
Is that have a way to subscription which is the app usage, something like

  1. Provider app name
  2. Provider app type
  3. Consumer app name
  4. Consumer Developer user email
  5. Installed/Upgraded timestamp
  6. Consumer current version

If have hypothesis solution, such as

  • Scenario 1:
    When someone have install or upgrade my app, I can got the notification to callback url of be my configure.

  • Scenario 2:
    have a response for Consumers Information from the specific URL, at regular intervals.

Please let me know what can I do.


At the moment, it is not possible to publish components on the marketplace. The “Publish to Marketplace” only shares the component via the marketplace key. There are also no usage metrics available, as sharing is intended to be private (person to person).

You can find more info here: Creating and editing view components - View components. In the “Sharing your component” section.

Thanks for your help, Will you consider a notification mechanism so that publishers can know the information from consumer in the near future? For public users not for private person?