How can I give conditions for Open page flow function?

How can I give conditions for Open page flow function?

For example there I want to check that, If input not empty and If checkbox ‘True’ - checked, then open next page…

Hi, use the If condition flow function. If the condition evaluates to true, the 1st output is triggered, if not, the 2nd output is triggered.

Where I can write the formula inside of the if condition?

Bind the condition to a formula:


Thank youu!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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One more question, there I want to set it for page layout without button…

But there it’s not working… Could you help?

Sure! Can you explain what you want to do here? Open another page if the input is not empty? What is the formula that you are using?

Yes! If these 4 inputs are not empty then open next page…

Okay, can you post the whole formula so I can check it is correct? :slight_smile:

It is working when I set it for button, but for page focused it’s not working…

Hi, IS_EMPTY(a&&b) doesn’t work because the argument evaluates to true/false and you can’t check if that is empty.

a&&b = true/false
IS_EMPTY(true/false) = ??

Correct way: IS_EMPTY(a) && IS_EMPTY(b)

Yes, I already tried this. It’s also not working… for Page Layout → page focused

So. there I want to that after condition next page will open automatically without tapping to components…

Then you could check if the Page focused event actually fires: link or use the “state” tab in the debugger to see if your page variable actually gets the values that you want.