How can i make Chat messenger in appgyver like telegram?

How can I make A chat messenger in appgyver
With stuff to block people to ? Or a facebook clone ?

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It’s a close to impossible, man. We are currently doing it, but since AppGyver doesn’t support scrollTo within scrollView component (huh?!?!?!) it’s really hard.

You just have to wait for 3rd party plugin support. It was supposed to be in Q1/21 but seems like more Q1/22.

Haha yup. Same issue with us. Everything is possible, but stuck at scrollTo within scrollView. Only because of that, our 3 months of hard work gone to waste. We cannot launch our app simply because of that one small problem

Same here man. Bummer.

We have a workaround which makes a chat a little bit confusing but it works. It really depends, how many messages you expect but we have a header (absolute position) under the header there’s a container (without the scrollView!) and then there’s input field (relative). When page is loaded/mounted we scroll to the bottom without animation (so it’s not so confusing for the users) and above the input field there’s an arrow which scroll to the very top, so user can navigate.

As I said, it’s not an ideal solution, however it does work and we will probably use it, till AppGyver help us out.